Friday, 8 January 2016

Selling Books at Craft Fairs

This Christmas I did something I haven't done for the last few years: I had a table at a craft fair. Twice.
Sure, my table was more than half-covered with big rolls of woolen quilt batting and some knitted hats, mitts, and baby booties. But the other half of the table had several copies of a few of my books.
It's always nice to actually SEE someone pick up a book I wrote, instead of just imagining what my possible readers might do. There is one big difference between imagined possible readers and real ones. Real ones squint a little. I bet way more people kinda need reading glasses than would ever admit it.
The craft fairs were a pleasant way to spend two of my weekend days this winter. I'll have to get more copies of my newer books, and be ready for more craft fairs in the future!

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