Friday, 23 October 2015

Book Event

It's always nice to go to a book sale, whether the sale is of new books or of used books. I like to paw through boxes of old books or shelves of nicely-arranged paperbacks. What I hadn't known until my own books were in print was that it is also fun to attend book sales as an author.
Maybe it would be less fun if I were trying to be The Most Famous And Popular Writer Ever. But I've always known that my books appeal to some people, not to everyone. Margaret Atwood can be famous and popular -- I'm glad to be HERE in the world of books with some works of which I can be proud.

Saturday October 24th I'll be spending the afternoon at Shirley Community Hall some miles down the road from Sooke BC. It's a cheerful little hall where a used book sale is happening from noon to four pm. Next door is a picnic park and a lovely little restaurant. You can see the Hall's page on Facebook at this link.

Come by and see copies of some of my books! I'll have a tablet and a Kobo there to show more of them. There won't be a lot of copies to buy, but there will be my cards with info you can take to any bookstore. My books can also be ordered from online booksellers or directly from the publisher.


Christine Hart said...

As a fellow author, I try to take the exact same view of participating in the publishing world. My books are not for everyone, but I'm grateful for the opportunity to be published. It's so much more relaxing and fun to stop worrying about whether or not I have a bestseller in my head somewhere.

Paula said...

There's a great thing novelist Dave Duncan told some writers from SF Canada. He had been talking one day with his brother in their middle years, when both were hard-working professionals.
"I wish I could be a writer," said the brother.
"I don't think I'd ever want to be a writer," said Dave. "I would, however, like to write a book."
(He did go on to write a novel, and after an unplanned early retirement, went on to write 49 others.)