Sunday, 31 January 2016

Vegan Brunch, or How I learned to stop worrying and promote my books

There's a lot to learn about what a writer can to to promote book sales. One of the techniques that I've been working on is using social media to increase the chances that a reader will have heard about my books. As Cory Doctorow says, of all the people who didn't buy my book today, the majority didn't buy it because they never knew it existed.
So I'm learning Twitter in hopes of helping people who are interested in books find out that my books exist. I'm finding it fun. There are some commercial comments people make, so I'm learning how to make them. That's why I posted on Twitter and here on my website a note about Kobo's ebooksale, with a link to my books.
There are some funny & interesting comments people make, and when I know how to make them everyone will know it because my fame will spread far and wide on Twitter. So far, I've made Krista D. Ball laugh once, so that's something.
And then there are things I learn, such as the fact posted by
The phrase "vegan brunch" is googled 74,000 times per minute in the Vancouver area
Sounds to me like a niche that needs to be filled with a book titled Vegan Brunch. Opportunity is knocking! I need to write a small ebook that's easy for someone to download and read on a phone. Now THAT'll be a fun thing to do.

Friday, 29 January 2016

yay!50% off ebook sale!

I just learned there's an ebook sale at Kobo that ends January 31!
Go to  for my ebooks & use code JAN1650 for 50% off my ebooks! This is your chance to read King Kwong! or Tower in the Crooked Wood! & more.
The code works for other ebooks as well. Check 'em out!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Selling Books at Craft Fairs

This Christmas I did something I haven't done for the last few years: I had a table at a craft fair. Twice.
Sure, my table was more than half-covered with big rolls of woolen quilt batting and some knitted hats, mitts, and baby booties. But the other half of the table had several copies of a few of my books.
It's always nice to actually SEE someone pick up a book I wrote, instead of just imagining what my possible readers might do. There is one big difference between imagined possible readers and real ones. Real ones squint a little. I bet way more people kinda need reading glasses than would ever admit it.
The craft fairs were a pleasant way to spend two of my weekend days this winter. I'll have to get more copies of my newer books, and be ready for more craft fairs in the future!