Saturday, 11 July 2020

Interview in Sooke News Mirror

The Sooke News Mirror ran an interview with me about my newest book, Small Rain. Check it out below or on the newspaper's website at this link.

Sooke author launches science fiction novel

Paula Johanson draws inspiration through ordinary life, science and technology

Science fiction admirers are in for a literary delight.

Sooke author Paula Johanson is releasing a book, Small Rain and Other Nightmares, at the end of June. The science fiction book is comprised of a collection of short stories, with a running “eco-gothic, fantasy” theme throughout.

“The stories are all a bit darker than much of my other fiction, but they all fit well together because they were inspired from nightmares,” Johanson said. “I woke up and had to write it.”

Johanson will publish two other books this summer as well, one is titled Island Views, a novel with elements of mystery and romance.

The third book, Plum Tree, is more of a subtle science fiction novel. Johanson described it as a coming of age story about a depressed teenager, who while on a drive to her aunt’s house, goes through an internal change.

“It’s all about being in transition instead of having arrived,” said Johanson, noting the girl in the story experiences a form of time travel.

Johanson has published about 42 books, both fiction and non-fiction, and has worked as a professional writer for 35 years. She teaches writing workshops, has freelanced and worked for newspapers, as well as worked on various personal projects, such as a small magazine she made with her spouse and friends.

Ordinary life is where Johanson draws her inspiration from, whether it be out walking her dog, or in line at the grocery store, ideas for stories are all around. The author said she loves to learn about science and technology, and to see the way knowledge is put to action in the world by people.

“I don’t work as a professional biologist, or rocket engineer, but when I learn a little interesting fact about nature or science, I blend that together with what people get up in the morning to do,” said Johanson.

“Science is fascinating, technology is interesting, but what people do with it, is what inspires me.”

The three books will be published as e-books, and she expects the first book to be printed in hard copy by October, depending on the distributor. The e-books can be found on

Johanson said her goal is to have 10 books published in the next three years, and is on track to achieve it. She isn’t particularly concerned with selling an outrageous number of copies, rather than feeling good about her products, and finding success in reaching her target audience.

“I think the world would be a better place if anyone who thinks they would like to write a book, gives it a try,” said Johanson. “Don’t get too negative if you are not Margaret Atwood, and allow yourself to be the best darn person at writing the book that is yours.”

Friday, 26 June 2020

Online Book Launch June 30

My newest book will soon be released! Tune in soon to the Virtual Book Launch for my first title from Doublejoy Books, a collection of stories. Small Rain and Other Nightmares will have an online book launch when sales go live on June 30, 2020.

Click on this link for the Facebook event, and be sure to bring a photo of your party drink!
Look on Twitter at the Moment and participate by using the hashtag #SmallRainBookLaunch in your tweets.
There will be some buzz on the Doublejoy Books website and by email. As well, an informal video will be posted on YouTube from a Zoom session at AmazingCon, where Paula Johanson read two stories from the collection.
See you at the launch!

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

New Book Plans

It's always exciting to make new plans about books. In the past, I've been able to make plans for new book assignments from publishers, or for books in genres new to me. Now, I have entirely new projects from a brand-new publisher releasing my books.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many book projects have been postponed. Tours, book signings, and visits to schools or libraries -- these kinds of book events have been cancelled or changed to online equivalents. Though nothing is exactly like holding a book in one's hands or meeting an author in person, there are terrific things being done with e-books, podcasts and online events, and correspondence. I'm particularly glad to hear of bookstores continuing to order books for pickup at their doors.

There are many book projects going ahead, with optimism. I'm proud to be part of one of them. Look for my new books coming out in 2020 through Doublejoy Books. This publisher of eclectic books will be releasing in June my collection of speculative fiction stories, Small Rain and Other Nightmares. There will be other projects from Doublejoy Books later in the year, and in future.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Death of Larry Kwong

It is with sadness that I share the news of Larry Kwong's death. He passed away peacefully, at home in Calgary, aged 94. Donations in his name are being accepted by the Rotary Foundation in Calgary.
This fine gentleman is well eulogised by the CBC article at this link
It was a great experience as a writer, writing his biography for Five Rivers Publishing. Plus, getting to meet one of my dad's hockey heroes was a blast! He will be remembered.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Context for Kwong

It was a great experience, writing a biography of Larry Kwong, the star hockey player who was known as the "China Clipper" back in the day. (Click here for a link to my website's Biographies page and scroll down a little to read all about King Kwong.) Since then, I've been keeping up on the news about him. He's in his nineties, and there's still news about him, or connected to him.

Chad Soon, who made a film about Larry Kwong, is my major source for these news stories. He posted on Facebook this wonderful vintage photo of Kwong's father, Ng Shu Kwong. (When he ran a store in Vernon BC, Mr Ng put his given name Kwong on the sign. Many of his children later came to use Kwong as their family name.)

Chad Soon brought the photo to the attention of Larry Kwong's daughter, writing on Facebook:
Hi Kristina, Last weekend your grandfather was in the Vernon Winter Carnival parade! This poster was part of the museum's float which won Best Overall. The photo will now be displayed at City Hall. Also, your family will be included in a new museum exhibit called "Gold Mountain Dream," a joint project with the Royal BC Museum, from Oct. 16-Feb. 28.

Context is everything in biographical studies! It's terrific to see Larry Kwong's father celebrated as a "Prominent Businessman" from the history of the city of Vernon. And now I've got another reason to visit the Royal BC Museum in the fall, to see the exhibit.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Trudeau book reviewed by Barbie Thompson

Today Canadian writer Barbie Thompson sent a quick review of my latest book, a biography of Pierre Elliott Trudeau. You can learn a little about Barbie and her writing on her Facebook page.

Barbie had this to say about the book:

I congratulate you on a wonderful book on Trudeau, pointing out, as you rightly did, the great things that man accomplished which many Canadians oft choose to ignore or on which they were never educated. Your series will go far in improving Canadian school childrens' knowledge of their great leaders and this great country. I wish I had had such a valuable resource when I was in school.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Trudeau biography released from Five Rivers

Today my newest book has been released from Five Rivers Publishing. It is a biography of Canada's fifteenth prime minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau. There's always something new to bring to a study of the life of such an active person. I'm particularly proud of pulling together so many moments in his life as an enthusiastic canoeist!

cover of Trudeau book

This book is my third from this expanding press based in Ontario, and either my thirty-first or thirty-third overall .. time to check and update my C.V.