Saturday, 6 June 2015

Book Launch Saturday June 27 3pm

Dave Duncan and Nowick Gray and Paula Johanson are doing a Book Launch of our new books just released from Five Rivers Publishing. These books are The Eye of Strife, Hunter's Daughter, and King Kwong -- one fantasy, one mystery, and a bio, for an eclectic mix.

Join us on Saturday June 27 at 3pm. We'll be in Victoria BC, at the Royal Canadian Legion's Britannia Branch at 780 Summit Avenue (corner of Summit and Nanaimo near Mayfair Mall). There's good access by bus, and plenty of parking.

Come celebrate three books at once. No, five, and all from Five Rivers! In addition to Dave's 50th novel The Eye of Strife, he will in June see the release of the omnibus edition of his three novels of Ivor the Runner. And the new edition of my novel Tower in the Crooked Wood will also be released in June. All five of these books are from the Canadian publisher Five Rivers which is based in Neustadt, Ontario.

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